And we thought the interest in access and production of properly produced, safe raw milk was high just after the trial.  Consumers just won’t quit!  They want to know how to get raw milk, how to find a producer in their area; they want the freedom to choose the foods they believe are safe and healthful!

Consumers are asking us for cow shares or  for names of other producers.  Producers want to learn how to produce raw milk safely and form their own cow share programs.  And the legal framework as it exists in Canada prohibits producers from advertising to find members for a cow share program.

We can’t do it alone – we are one farm and our cow share program is completely full.  We have been grappling with ways to accommodate both consumers and producers.  And the solution we came up with is on its way!

We  have organized Cow Share Canada – an association of consumers and producers who want to connect with each other.  Membership fees are used to develop the infrastructure to connect producers with consumers, without advertising, and to develop training and education on organizing and belonging to a cow share program, food rights, safe production and handling of raw milk and related issues. Members will have access to preferred pricing for education and training, and will be able to locate producers who have attended Cow Share College and who have had an independent inspection to ensure that their operation is safe.

We have already welcomed our first members, both consumers and producers, and hope to make this a solid foundation to help connect everyone who cares about their food and where it comes from.

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