Cow Share Canada offers training and education for both consumers and farmers.  The next workshop is:

Cow Share College – The Basics

March 19, 2011            This session is intended for producers and interested consumers.  It              
9 am to 4:30 pm          covers basic information on developing a dairy operation that will safely 
                                            produce milk for direct consumption, and practical guidance in developing 
                                             your own cowshare programme.


At the end of this session, participants will have a basic understanding of:

  • the biology of milk
  • the safe production and handling of raw milk
  • the legal fraework currently required for a cowshare programme
  • how to develop, maintain and manage cowshare member relationships

Included in this sesion:

  • a full day of instruction with raw milk farmer and cowshare expert Michael Schmidt
  • a tour of a raw milk dairy operation
  • lunch and refreshments
  • certificate of completion
  • copies of
  •                    The Raw Milk Production Handbook by TimWightman
                        The Untold Story of Milk by Ron Schmid
                        Safe Handling: Consumers’ Guide to Fresh, Whole, Unprocessed Milk by Peggy Beals,RN


    Workshop Leader:  Michael Schmidt 

    Michael Schmidt has defended publicacces to healthy foods for almost two decades.  He has been the lightning rod in two maor “Milk Wars” with local Boards of Health and the provincial government, spurred on by powerful industrial farming interests, and has successfully defended the rights of cowshare programme members to consumer locally produced milk, produced specifically for direct consumption.  He has a Masters in Agriculture and more than 25 years experience in biodynamic farming.  Recently, he has been involved in the rescue of a British Columbia cowherd operation, ordered to shut down by governmetn officials.  Michael founded Cow Share Canada early in 2010 to establish a grassroots organizationand infrastructure for consumers and producers to connect and learn more about sustainable agriculture and healthy foods and food production.



  • the biology of milk
  • safe raw milk production – farm management, cow breeding, feeding, animal husbandry
  • safe handling of raw milk – cleaning, testing, distribution from producer perspective
  • cowshare programmes – legal framework, currentlegislation – Kowalsky raw milk ruling, co-operative structure, liability issues
  • cowshare member relations – how to connect, how to maintain and develop reliable partnerships, how to manage expectations


Location:  (Glencolton Farms) 393889 Concession Rd 2, RR 1, Durham, ON  N0G 1R0

Cost:  $295 – payable by cash or cheque payable to Cow Share Canada on or before day of workshop

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